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Please read all of these before you ask any questions!

Are you Selena?

No, I’m not Selena nor do I have any contact with her or her family/friends. Yes, I actually do get asked this.

Where do you find your Selena pictures/where can I find [insert picture here]?

I have multiple private image accounts for events and candids that you cannot access without a paid login, but a good site to use is this one PLEASE look there first before asking. If I can find it on there so can you.

What program do you use for edits and gifs?

Photoshop CS4

Where can I download photoshop?

I’m not going to provide you links to download it if you look around they’re all over tumblr.

Where do you download your Selena videos?

Most of the videos I download are from youtube and I use the chrome extension, fastesttube.

Can you follow me back?

I don’t really check my dashboard on this tumblr and I don’t understand why you would want me to follow you.

Does Selena have a personal tumblr/twitter/facebook?

No/no/no and if she did you would not have access to it. Don’t believe people and the “proof” they provide if Selena wants fans to have one of her sites she would post it on her official facebook or twitter:

Where did you get your PSD/can you post one?

I’ve made a few of my own that I use that I don’t want to post. Other than that I mix random PSDs that others make who I’m sure don’t want me reposting their work.

What theme are you using?

I’m using this theme at the moment.

How many followers do you have/how did you get so many?

At the moment I’m at 60,000+ and I have no idea how I got this many! I’ve had this blog for almost three years now so it’s just accumulated and a lot of people love Selena :)

Can I use one of your edits/gifs for my sidebar?

Yes, of course! You don’t have to ask or credit it’s fine!

What font do you use on your gifs?

I usually use (if not always use) calibri size 11 or 12.

What are your sharpening settings?

I use a couple different actions. Mostly these two: 

For gifs I just use Smart Sharpen 500 .03, click more accurate.

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